Leak testing with air

Maximum flexibility with the ZED device family

Reliable quality assurance is always the top priority. At the same time, leak testing with air needs to be easy to integrate into production processes if it is to be economical.

Our ZED device family ensures exactly this.

Whether it’s a small, mobile device or a semi-automated station – the ZED device family is characterized by maximum flexibility in leak testing with air as well as with other detection gases.

The various versions consistently impress with their ease of use, can be easily implemented in existing processes, and can be individually adapted to customer needs thanks to our in-house software development.

Measure tightness flexibly in plug-and-play mode

Here at ZELTWANGER, we have designed a unique modular principle with the ZEDcore modular measuring module, which can be simply inserted and exchanged in our devices by hand.

This allows close networking of test procedures with different devices at different points in the manufacturing process.

The advantages of the ZEDcore at a glance:

  • No programming knowledge is required because the measuring module can be used in plug-and-play mode.

  • Various measuring methods are possible: Relative pressure, relative pressure with bell testing, relative pressure with flow, differential pressure, mass flow, and accumulation pressure.

  • Machine downtimes are reduced because there is no need to install leak testing devices.

  • Fewer spare parts need to be stored because the measuring circuits can be easily replaced.

  • Calibration saves time and money since only the measuring module needs to be sent in.

  • The follow-up costs are lower because there is no longer any need for stand-by devices.

Leak testing with air and other options

Testing with air is often the best way to locate leaks quickly and cost-effectively. At ZELTWANGER, we have been experts in the fields of pressure change measuring and flow measuring for years. We rely on our ZED device family for the individual processes.

We have also developed high-precision solutions for leak testing with helium and other detection gases to locate the smallest leaks. With the ZED family of systems, we offer standardized systems with three available test methods.

Flexible and adaptable – the ZED device family

Our high-end leak testing devices boast the fastest possible adaptation to the requirements that you have for your test processes. In addition to the testing devices, this includes not only the modular ZEDcore measuring module, but also control and evaluation units, a software solution, adapters, and other accessories for calibration. We have the right options for every environment with our entire ultra-modern device family.

An overview of the ZED device family

The modular measuring module for simple integration into the ZED device family

The flexible stand-alone device for labs, installation sites, or production lines

The modular device for complex multi-channel testing with up to eight measuring channels

The decentralized measuring and testing module for local integration into systems

Industry-4.0-ready, single-channel leak testing device for standard applications

Universal control and evaluation unit for decentralized ZEDsatellite modules

Flexible testing system with up to eight measuring modules, ZEDsatellite or ZEDcore

Semi-automated testing station with customer-specific adaptations

Individually configurable and automatically loadable sliding table system

The universal 19″ control and evaluation unit of the ZEDflex for up to 8 measuring modules

The standard adapter series for connecting the ZED device family to the test object

The decentralized software solution for optimized management of ZED devices

Accessory: Test leak for testing and configuring leak testing devices

Accessory: Variable test leak for testing and configuring leak testing devices

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