• One team for all purposes

  • One of the most high-end employers

  • Together we grow beyond our limitations

  • Our employees are our greatest strength

Where technology inspires


Work with an innovation leader – this means fascinating technology from all over the world for automation, robotics, handling, manufacture, leak testing – and much more.

We combine our innovative strength with the advantages of a family-owned company: Flat hierarchies, a trusting work environment, promotion of independence and personal responsibility, as well as mutual respect are firmly embedded in our mission statement.

Employee on a machine

We offer our employees more than just a job, we offer them individual freedom.

This is a place where individual talent can develop alongside the company as a whole. The foundation of our daily work is fascination in action: for technology and people, for new things as well as everyday things.

Two trainees in front of a control cabinet
Employees at a ZELTWANGER Christmas party

We focus on creating a work environment that we can shape in line with our valuesand our joint pride in our performance – both of which are embedded in a complex field of pragmatism and constant change.

Values – what’s important to us

While our vision represents what we want to achieve, our valuesshow us how to get there. Our values are passion, freedom, and harmony. They shape the ZELTWANGER corporate culture and determine how our employees cooperate with one another and how they communicate with customers and partners. They are the benchmark for our daily work.

  • For us, passion is the basis of all successful action. Innovation and technological achievements would not be possible without passion. People who work at ZELTWANGER do this with passion and enthusiasm.
  • We don’t see freedom as simply throwing away the rulebook, but as an opportunity for every individual to determine their own path to achieve ideal results. The basis for this is competence, being target-focused, and real trust in every single one of our employees.
  • We live harmony both within our company as well as with greater society. Regard, respect, trust, openness, and honesty underpin our cooperation.

More advantages


Everyone undergoes continuous training – comprehensive and needs-oriented.

There is special holiday allowance for important occasions.

Everyone is expertly trained to enable them to complete their tasks.

We offer permanent employment contracts.

Everyone has the freedom to express their own ideas and make their own decisions.

We manage a company pension scheme.

We encourage team spirit with employee initiatives and sporting events.

Employees have the opportunity to complete placements abroad.

We work with the latest high-end machines.

We celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and all special occasions.

Broaden your horizons with ZELTWANGER

ZELTWANGER is established in three countries. This means we can offer our employees the opportunity to complete placements abroad within the company.

You can apply for positions to work in the US or in the Czech Republic. Find all vacancies here.

The same values characterize working at ZELTWANGER in all locations. And yet there are some differences in everyday work.

Ryan Megliss, Employee at ZELTWANGER US

“At ZELTWANGER in Charleston, you get the best of both worlds: German corporate culture and American lifestyle. This creates a more relaxed environment. You come to work in flip-flops, change into your work clothes, and everyone tries to think positively even when things get tough. Your attitude is what matters here.”

Ryan Megliss, ZELTWANGER Charleston

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