ZELTWANGER products & services

From a passion
for technical details

Whether it’s leak testing, automation, or contract manufacturing – with our great passion for technical details, we invest in devices and systems that make production workflows easier and more economical for companies.

We also focus on our range of services for all processes.

Our products for leak testing

Modular measuring module for use in the ZED device family

Flexible stand-alone device with intelligent additional functions

Modular devices for multi-channel leak testing

Decentralized measuring and testing module

Single-channel device for the relative pressure measuring method

Universal control and evaluation unit

Flexible and rack-mounted test system

Semi-automated test station with ZEDbase+ testing device

Configurable sliding table system

Automated sniffer testing

Universal control and evaluation unit for the ZEDflex

Software solution for managing ZED devices

Adapter series for connecting ZED devices and test objects

Accessory for testing and configuring

Accessory for configuring and testing

Our products for automation

Standardized machining cell for multiple processes

Standardized machining cell for laser welding processes

Standardized machining cell for laser marking

Handling cell for automated machine tool loading

Automated loading of processing stations
Automatic loading of CNC machines
Compact, ergonomic manual welding laser


Highly efficient corrugated fin mill