For reliable connections in leak testing

ZEDcon is the standard adapter series for connections between the ZED device family and the test object.

The ergonomic adapters are developed and manufactured by ZELTWANGER. This means custom solutions can also be implemented quickly and cost-effectively alongside the standard adapters.

ZEDcon adapter from ZELTWANGER


  • Holistic system provider for your leak testing
  • Technical advice / feasibility
  • Adaptation + test device, commissioning, service
  • In-house development and production
  • Technical design and support


  • Master part cart
  • Customer-specific adaptation

Application examples in e-mobility

  • Battery: Battery housing, battery cooling circuits, pressure equalization elements, electrical connections (e.g., signal or COM connector), etc.
  • E-machine: Inverter space, dry space, possibly oil chamber, electrical connections, and connectors

Example of a manual clamping device with selected customer-specific sealing elements

Manual clamping device with sealing elements

Product features

  • Manual operation
  • Simple handling
  • Robust aluminum housing / high-quality materials
  • Eye-catching appearance for easy identification on the test object
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy seal change
  • Standardized basic structure and application-specific adaptation
  • Long service lives
  • Short delivery times

Operating options

  • Manual (hand lever / clamping lever)
  • Automation possible


  • Measuring
  • Sealing
  • Filling

Connection type

  • Application-specific contours, outward/inward sealing
  • Radial outward/inward sealing
  • Axial sealing on the front

Get all technical information about the ZEDcon adapter series by downloading the data sheet.

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