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Leaky lines, faulty seals, leaks in housing – these issues pose a high risk for every manufacturer. No matter in which industry you work, only those who identify faults early on can avoid high costs resulting from complaints and compensation payments and the associated tarnished reputation.

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We always have an overview of everything, and offer you optimally tailored solutions with any degree of automation as the market leader in leak testing. We have developed state-of-the-art standardized and modular leak testing systems.

The ZED device family for leak testing

Solutions for stringent requirements

With all-round concepts such as the semi-automated ZEDstation, the automatically loadable ZEDsystem sliding table, or individually designed assembly and testing systems, we create a clear competitive advantage for our customers in a wide variety of industries.

Incidentally, we are the only leak tester in Germany to have a basic modular concept with our plug-and-play measurement module ZEDcore.


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More than a manufacturer of leak testing devices

Successful leak and functional testing require not only the right device equipment, but also a perfectly coordinated overall system. That is why we offer comprehensive solutions in the areas of analysis, automation, service, and knowledge transfer.

Do you require a tabletop device or a fully automated line? Do other processes need to be integrated? Close cooperation with you is our basis for the development of a successful test concept. We carry out the initial investigation together to analyze the needs and the environment and to select appropriate testing methods. We would be happy to support you with our application development by carrying out feasibility studies.

Another important aspect is training and workshops. We share our knowledge to enable your employees to successfully implement the test methods.

We are leak testers!

Automated leak testing with high-end devices

Our high-end leak testing devices form the core of ZELTWANGER Dichtheitsprüfung. Our expertise goes far beyond their design and manufacture.

Custom-made adapters, manual adaptations, and the production of very complex parts are also part of our portfolio. In-house software development ensures easy handling without any programming knowledge and facilitates uncomplicated integration into your production systems via OPC UA interfaces.

The challenge of extreme fields

We also boast solutions for leak testing in extreme conditions. This includes:

  • Special pressure requirements
  • Particularly low leak rates

The ZED family – testing with air and detection gases

We have extensive expertise when it comes to testing with air. But we have also created outstanding solutions for testing with helium and other detection gases. Our focus here is on the ZED device family and the ZED system family, which can be used to flexibly integrate a wide variety of test methods into manufacturing processes.

On request, all installed pressure sensors can be supplied directly by ZELTWANGER in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 with a calibration certificate and accreditation symbol.

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