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Production technology for the manufacture of heat exchangers

Thermomanagement GmbH & Co. KG

ZELTWANGER Thermomanagement GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Dußlingen, Germany, is specialised in the development and manufacture of efficient systems for the production and functional testing of efficient heat exchangers, such as those that are used in air conditioning units, radiators and heat pumps. Our customers are from innovative sectors such as automotive and electromobility, building technology, agricultural and forestry machinery as well as commercial vehicle production.

Fin manufacture

ZELTWANGER’s precise fin production systems enable the manufacture of corrugated fins with complex geometries and high fin density. Our systems are characterised by high speeds, short set-up times and compact dimensions.

Welrippen für Wärmetauscher

Heat exchange manufacture

ZELTWANGER’s heat exchangers-block assemblers take on the automated assembly of components such as corrugated fins, pipes and side parts into complete heat exchanger blocks. Rapid set-up times ensure high flexibility and also enable shorter production series.

Leak and function testing

For heat exchanger systems, leak-tightness is a crucial quality factor. ZELTWANGER is a market leader for devices and systems for leak testing. Thanks to our comprehensive experience, we are able to automatically integrate all process steps for function testing in the installation process in one feel swoop.

Dichtheitsprüfung und Funktionsprüfung

Automation solutions

We develop high-end automation solutions for the highest levels of process security and productivity in heat exchangers. To this end, we use flexibly expandable architectures such as robot cells, in-line systems and one piece flow lines, and programme smart, modular software. 

Service und support

We are a reliable contact partner for our customers, accompanying them in all phases of system use.

  • Consultation during the development and incorporation of process expertise.
  • Support during commissioning
  • User training sessions
  • Technical hotline and support
  • Reliable provision of spare parts
  • Software updates
  • Optimisations and hardware upgrades

Personal consultation

Contact us for a non-binding consultation. Find out how we can support you in the production of modern heat exchangers. 

Wladimir Leimann
Division Manager
ZELTWANGER Thermomanagement
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