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Leak testing service

How do you integrate leak testing procedures efficiently and simply into your production workflows? What are the prerequisites and how is the integration carried out in terms of personnel?

In the ZELTWANGER service team, we offer comprehensive advice and training and are also on hand for maintenance and repairs.

Customer service & support

Are you having issues with your devices or is a service due? Our support team is here to help at all times.

We can also help you with the installation of the remote maintenance software.

Zeltwanger service: Control tablet


Leak testing devices are used by our customers for quality assurance. Regular calibration is essential to ensure correct measuring results.

What’s more, when you use the ZEDcore measuring module, calibration can be performed without needing to send the entire leak testing device.

Man during maintenance of a ZED device – calibration, a service provided by ZELTWANGER Dichtheitsprüfung

Your contact in customer service

Get in touch if you have any questions about the remote maintenance software, if you have any issues with your devices, or for our calibration service.

Customer service
+49 7072 92897–570

Initial evaluation & advice

The ZELTWANGER leak testing service always analyzes your needs and conditions on site as the first step.

During an initial evaluation, highly specialized application developers determine the correct testing parameters, conduct measuring feasibility analyses, and determine which test method would be viable and cost-effective. This is how we verify the achievable test reliability.

Our decades of experience from our own application developments, feasibility studies, and development projects that we have implemented with customers are the best foundation for establishing optimal integration planning for your production processes. To achieve this, we rely on individual device and software adaptations.

Training & workshops

Because complex knowledge and diverse experience are required in the field of leak testing, we offer our customers comprehensive and individual training for their employees.

We adapt our user-related training courses to focus on different aspects:

  • System operators
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Planners and developers
  • Leak testing seminar: Theory and practice

Other customer-specific training is available on request. Please get in touch if you are interested.

Training room with documents – a service provided by Zeltwanger Dichtheitsprüfung

Your sales contact

Get in touch if you would like a quote or to get to know us better. You can also talk to us about training and resident engineering.

+49 7072 92897-524

Contacts in the US // Contacts in the Czech Republic

You can find all our global sales partners on our contact page.


Initial evaluation
Preliminary tests
Employee training
Maintenance & calibration

1. During the initial evaluation on site, we determine the relevant testing parameters and select the appropriate testing method.

2. After identifying the testing method and testing parameters, we conduct preliminary tests that are documented and evaluated.

3. Once the integration concept is established, we select devices, software, adapters, and accessories and adapt them to your requirements where necessary.

4. The leak and functional testing procedures are integrated into your production workflows on site and commissioned by us.

5. We train your employees in their specific area of responsibility.

6. Our support team are on hand to help with device maintenance and calibration.

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