Social commitment

Our region offers ideal conditions for the achievement of outstanding technological performance. ZELTWANGER also grew up in this region. And we aim to go on growing – ideally with the support of people drawn from the local area. This is why we support young and enthusiastic people in their endeavors to learn and accumulate work experience – and we help to improve the training opportunities for these young people.

We are also committed in the social, cultural and medical fields. Alongside established partnerships, we also support individual projects.

Training partnership with the Walter-Erbe-Realschule Secondary School

Within the framework of our training partnership with the Walter-Erbe-Realschule, ZELTWANGER invites the students to attend events such as guided tours of the factory and technical study groups, or to take up internships. The program of events also includes non-technical experiences such as motivational training with our company CEO Ulrich Zeltwanger. For press reports, click here

Outpatient clinic for the visually impaired at the University Ophthalmic Clinic Tübingen

With ZELTWANGER's support, the outpatient clinic for the visually impaired at the University Ophthalmic Clinic Tübingen has been able to continue its consultancy service for schoolchildren. The outpatient clinic provides medical diagnosis and educational consultancy services together in one single location. This allows parents of visually impaired children to receive a diagnosis and a recommendation as to which school is most suitable for their child – all within one day. For press reports, click here

German-American Institute Tübingen (d.a.i.)

ZELTWANGER and the d.a.i. cooperate in a number of areas. By providing assistance with language courses and a program of intercultural education, the d.a.i. helps to bolster ZELTWANGER's commitment in the USA. ZELTWANGER supports the work of the d.a.i. in a number of ways, such as supplying new chairs for the events room. For press reports, click here

Focal projects

With a range of other large-scale and more minor commitments, ZELTWANGER does what it can to help where assistance is urgently needed. Reports on these projects can be found in our press area