Sustainability at ZELTWANGER

Success begins with responsibility

How we act as a growing company has an impact on our fellow human beings and the environment. We take this responsibility seriously and make it the basis of all our decisions.

We take social responsibility

We see ourselves as part of society. We offer creative initiatives and future-oriented jobs and training positions in the regions in which we operate, and we take on social responsibility. We support selected projects with donations.

Young man at a machine

These projects are close to our hearts


ZELTWANGER has been an official education partner of the Firstwald Gymnasium school in Mössingen/Kusterdingen since the start of the 2017/18 school year. The first joint project as part of the Schüler-Ingenieur-Akademie – SIA (Student-Engineer Academy) is the construction of a vending machine. Ten students at level J1 attend the optional seminar course as an additional school subject.

At ZELTWANGER, the project is supported by trainers Mr. Kurz (mechatronics engineer) and Mr. Kärcher (industrial mechanic) as well as our trainees.

Technology study group at the Geschwister-Scholl-Schule

What is milling? And how does a lathe work? Technology fascinates us and we want to pass on this passion: For two hours a week, ZELTWANGER works together with the technology subject teacher to run the technology study group at the Geschwister-Scholl school. And the seventh graders love it.

Technik-Akademie Tübingen

The Technik-Akademie (Technical Academy) is part of the support program for particularly gifted students which was launched by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport.

It gives students in lower grades the opportunity to deal with a variety of topics from the world of science and technology, as well as media topics. Under the guidance of specialists, the participants experience how theoretical knowledge is applied directly at companies.

ZELTWANGER is one of these specialists and is constructing a unique connect four game with the students, for example.

Berufswahlkompass Metall

ZELTWANGER has been a partner of the Berufswahlkompass Metall (Metal Career Choice Compass) since 2015.

The educational project takes place annually at the initiative of Südwestmetall – Verband der Metall- und Elektroindustrie Baden-Württemberg e.V. (Baden-Württemberg Association of the Metal and Electrical Industry) and is organized by BBQ Tübingen (Tübingen Association for Education and Professional Qualification).

Students have been able to get a taste of ZELTWANGER and lend a hand over the last three years: A small product was made together with the students at various stations. 

Internet café

“Learn from one another – help each other”: This is the motto of the ZELTWANGER trainees who run an Internet café for senior citizens at the Derendingen local meeting place (Samaritan foundation in the Mühlenviertel).

Senior citizens from the region come here twice a month to learn tips and tricks from our trainees on how to use computers and the Internet – all taught in a way that they can understand.

Visually impaired outpatient clinic of Tübingen eye clinic

The support of ZELTWANGER has enabled the school consultation hour of the visually impaired outpatient clinic at the university clinic to continue.

The visually impaired outpatient clinic brings medical and educational diagnosis and advice together in one place. This means that the parents of visually impaired children can be given a recommendation as to which school is best suited for their child within one day.

Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Tübingen (d.a.i.)

ZELTWANGER and the d.a.i. (German-American Institute) cooperate in many areas. The d.a.i. offers language and intercultural training courses which have successfully helped with ZELTWANGER’s involvement in the US.

ZELTWANGER has supported the work of the d.a.i. by donating new chairs for the event hall and contributing to the renovation of the Ann Arbor conference room.

Focus projects

ZELTWANGER tries to help wherever assistance is urgently required with lots of other large and small individual commitments. Reports on this can be found in our press area.

The Learning Factory is in session

Teaching in tune with the times – at the Learning Factory 4.0, the future is on the lesson plan.

More about that

We are environmentally conscious

Our respect for the environment is shaped by our understanding that the natural balance of the environment in which we live is a fundamental basis for us and our fellow human beings.

We want to avoid making any interventions that damage the environment surrounding our company in order to maintain our quality of life and that of our children in the long term.
Environmental awareness is therefore an integral part of our corporate culture.

As a manufacturing company, it is difficult to avoid having no harmful effects on our environment whatsoever. Our concept is therefore aimed at keeping this as low as possible.

All areas in the company that could have a harmful environmental impact are identified. We then derive appropriate measures for improvement.

New building on Eisenbahnstraße

We focus on sustainability

Both new and existing buildings are equipped with energy-saving bulbs. All newly procured machine tools feature an energy recovery module. With recuperation, the energy is fed back to the power grid during braking.

We use the waste heat from the compressors and machine tools to heat the offices and production areas as well as for hot water processing. Our new building on Eisenbahnstraße was built in 2017/18 in line with the latest energy guidelines. The existing building from 1989 has also been completely renovated, meaning the windows and external facade were completely replaced and insulated.

We value fairness, transparency, and credibility

Extract from the ZELTWANGER corporate group code of conduct

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