ZELTWANGER’s history

Innovation from tradition


Ulrich Zeltwanger founds ZELTWANGER Maschinenbauteile, later ZELTWANGER Maschinenbau GmbH, in Dußlingen.

Ulrich Zeltwanger


ZELTWANGER is involved in the first common rail assembly and test line (Bosch).


ZELTWANGER moves to new company premises in Jopestraße in Tübingen.


The first polishing units for ceramic hip implants are developed as well as the first image-processing, robot-based conveyor system.

ZELTWANGER LP, later ZELTWANGER CNC Manufacturing LP, is founded as a manufacturing service provider in Charleston, US. The company is a local provider of machine components and modules with German quality.

ZELTWANGER CNC Manufacturing building in Charleston, South Carolina, US


The range of services is expanded: ZELTWANGER Automation GmbH is founded.


ZELTWANGER AMT s.r.o., specialist in manufacturing services in the fields of turning, milling, stainless steel welding, and assembly, is founded in Kurim, Czech Republic.

ZELTWANGER AMT building in Kurim, Czechia

Experience, skill, and the acquisition of the company Speemann EDV result in ZELTWANGER Dichtheits- und Funktionsprüfsysteme GmbH being founded.


More room to grow and develop: ZELTWANGER Automation and ZELTWANGER Dichtheits- und Funktionsprüfsysteme move to Dußlingen.

ZELTWANGER Automation in Dußlingen from above


The Training and Expertise Center for manufacturing and assembly is opened in Dußlingen by ZELTWANGER Maschinenbau; it is later relocated to Tübingen.

The first L-CELL is produced, a machining cell for automated laser marking.

The L-CELL, predecessor of the X-CELL


Expertise, longevity, and reliability – ZELTWANGER Automation structures itself around and operates in individual customer and product expert teams as closely to customers as possible.


From the L-CELL to the X-CELL. Thanks to an extended range of applications, it can now be used to automate a variety of combined processes, from lasers and assembly to automated leak testing applications.

X-CELL from ZELTWANGER Automation

ZELTWANGER Dichtheits- und Funktionsprüfsysteme introduces the ZED device family, a new generation of cutting-edge testing devices.

The ZED device family from ZELTWANGER Dichtheits- und Funktionsprüfsysteme


ZELTWANGER grows – and acquires the Hähl building complex (14,500 square meters) in Dußlingen.

ZELTWANGER founds the ZELTWANGER Leak Testing & Automation LP business division in Charleston, US. This allows the company to position itself as a partner on the American continent in the areas of automation and leak testing.


More space is needed: A new production building is built on Eisenbahnstraße in Tübingen. This is the new home of ZELTWANGER Maschinenbau’s large stock of machinery.


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The new building on Eisenbahnstraße

The expansion of ZELTWANGER Maschinenbau in Tübingen means that all production areas can be combined under one roof. This creates more space for innovation and development at the two Dußlingen locations.

The automation and leak and functional testing business divisions are physically separated in Dußlingen, even though they work together more and more in terms of content and technology.


ZELTWANGER Automation automates machine tool loading with the X-CELL WB. Customers can receive a quotation based on their requirements live via an online configurator.

The X-CELL WB for automated machine tool loading

ZELTWANGER Automation develops the X-CELL LRA specifically for robot-based laser applications. At the same time, the X-CELL MED, which is specially equipped for UDI labeling in medical technology, is created.


The ZED device family is revolutionized: ZELTWANGER Dichtheits- und Funktionsprüfsysteme sets a new standard with its modular, flexible measuring unit ZEDcore.

ZEDcore, the modular measuring module for ZELTWANGER leak testing devices


The ZELTWANGER Group launches a new website – this gives the group a uniform appearance that reflects its expertise across internal company boundaries.

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