Ensuring safety and performance for batteries

The two most important aspects of an EV battery are safety and performance. Therefore, ensuring a battery is leak-tight is one of the most critical steps in the manufacturing process.

ZELTWANGER is an industry leader in developing leak testing solutions for battery components. From prototype and validation testing to gigafactory production systems, our team of experts can support your project at every step of the journey.

Leak testing of battery cells

Leak testing with a passion for cutting-edge technology: ZELTWANGER develops advanced testing solutions using air and trace gases at any level of automation.

Examples of applications

Battery cells

Leak Testing of Battery Cells

Whether the bettery cells are cylindrical, prismatic, or pouch-shaped, our leak testing technology excels at detecting even the most minor leaks that could potentially lead to performance losses and safety risks. ZELTWANGER solutions have already been implemented by European battery cell manufacturers in their mass production processes.

Leak Testing of Battery Modules

We develop solutions that ensure minimal leak rates in module connections and cooling circuits, with values that vary depending on the design and application.

Battery modules
Battery pack

Leak Testing of Battery Packs

Our solutions ensure that crucial components such as battery trays and covers, connections, cable penetrations, pressure relief valves (DAE), as well as the assembled battery pack, meet the quality specifications.

Consulting and Development

Are you working on a battery project? We are more than happy to support you with our holistic approach, from component design and specification analysis to feasibility assessments and consultation on the ideal test method and setup for the job. Our experts are here to help you through each step of the process, from the prototype phase to mass production!

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Holistic leak testing

We are your partner in all aspects of leak testing.


We develop and build our devices and software ourselves. This is how we ensure that they perform their tasks optimally and meet our high technology and quality standards.


Thanks to a modular structure and customizable software, our solutions can be tailored precisely to your requirements. In addition, we build custom-fit adaptations for your test objects.


Together with you, we determine the appropriate test methods and carry out feasibility studies if required. Our training courses enable employees to successfully handle the test methods.


We provide support during commissioning. Our technical support, regular calibrations according to ISO 17025 and our spare parts service ensure the accuracy and reliability of your equipment.