ZELTWANGER group mission statement

ZELTWANGER is synonymous with expertise, innovation and technical solutions to the very highest standards. This is only made possible with a corporate culture which is lived by example and which not only determines the way in which we work together but fundamentally is the reason why the ZELTWANGER group of companies exists at all.

The ZELTWANGER Group was born out of the conviction that it is possible to create a better way of doing business and working together. This founding vision can be summarized by three key aspirations which were fundamental to the foundation of ZELTWANGER in 1982 and which still form a yardstick for all business decisions today: Passion, freedom and harmony.

Passion is an essential condition for business success. Without passion, innovation and outstanding technological achievement are inconceivable. Those who work at ZELTWANGER are motivated by passion and by their enjoyment of what they do.

Freedom For us, this does not mean the absence of rules, but the scope for each individual to determine their own way to the ideal result. The foundations for this are qualification, a purposeful and targeted approach, and the cultivation of trust in each individual employee.

Harmony is lived in practice both inwardly and outwardly. The way we treat each other is founded on respect, esteem, trust, frankness and honesty. As a company, we assume corporate responsibility and produce only things that will be of use to mankind and to the environment.

Based on this founding vision, today's company group puts into practice a guiding principle which can be summarized in a single sentence:
We are a technology and innovation leader in our fields, and this is achieved through outstanding performance, passion translated into practice and the optimum use of synergies.

All those involved in our corporate environment benefit from this conviction.
Our customers benefit from our intelligent solutions.
Our employees benefit from an innovative and trusting work environment which allows their personal and professional further development coupled with the greatest possible independence.
Our business partners are offered fair, long-term cooperation to the very highest standard.
The regions in which we operate are provided with creative impetus, future-oriented jobs and training opportunities, and benefit from our sense of social responsibility.