The medical sector must meet requirements that change frequently and are often a matter of urgency. We are here to support you in the process of building integrated systems, fully or partially automating your workstations, and setting up direct networking for automated processes. In addition, we can supply high-precision assemblies that are right for your system concept. We help you respond to demand and make your production activities efficient.


The systems used to produce medical components are designed to meet specific needs and are often highly complex. With us by your side, you have the option of putting the process of system engineering or manufacturing individual assemblies and components into the hands of an expert.

In particular, we can help you in cases where

  • Time is of the essence We can put ideas and concepts into practice quickly – whether that means supplying assemblies for vaccine production systems or manufacturing full-face masks, for instance.
  • The job is very complex We specialize in small series manufacturing (high mix/low volume) and are used to designing future-proof systems to handle this.
  • and are accustomed to working with future-proof systems that can handle them.
  • The requirements are highly specific
  • Our expertise allows us to be extremely flexible, and we have what it takes to meet custom requirements
  • The project is on a large scale Our size, coupled with our subject expertise and knowledge of the sector, means that we can easily handle even large-scale projects with extremely short lead times.
Implementing system concepts for medical technology


Automating manual workstations in medical technology

Some sensitive production processes in the medical technology sector require manual work. At processing stations like this, we can introduce partial or full automation to not only cut down on time and costs, but also boost efficiency.

We offer automated solutions for the following systems:

  • Manual laser stations
  • QA test stations
  • Leak testing stations
  • Machine tools

Our specialist solutions are based on our extensive expertise in assembly, laser applications, and leak testing – and they are all designed to be ergonomic and height-adjustable

Discover the range of automation solutions we can offer for manual workstations:


Creating an automated network of processes leads to better-quality production outcomes. That’s why we’ve developed standardized solutions that we can adapt in line with your needs:

  • In-line systems for average and high throughput rates on automated process lines
  • Revolving table systems for more assembly tasks involving multiple process steps
  • One-piece flow systems

We seamlessly integrate the processes you need into these production lines – thanks to the expertise that ZELTWANGER offers in a range of sectors. From assembly and laser applications to leak testing and functional testing, we cover a variety of individual processes and coordinate them with one another as effectively as possible.

Whether your medical components (valves, pumps, motors, surgical instruments, or filters) are made from stainless steel or plastic, we can do the job.

Networking workstations in medical manufacturing