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How do you ensure optimum production capacity when processes demand maximum flexibility?

Our answer to this is an assembly architecture based on modular systems.

Our standardized system platforms not only facilitate manual operation, but also have varying degrees of automation. We develop individual assembly solutions as well as pre-designed systems to enable fast availability.

Maximum flexibility – modular island manufacturing with the X-CELL

Standardized, modular, and usually robot-based – the machining, testing, and handling cell X-CELL integrates a variety of processes into the production workflow.

The core processes include laser welding, laser marking, leak testing, and machine tool loading.

The X-CELL is specially designed for new industrial concepts such as matrix or island manufacturing. It can be used as a stand-alone solution and can be integrated into existing production systems.

Island manufacturing with the X-CELL

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X-CELL WB – fully automated machine tool loading

Fully automated processes in island manufacturing are facilitated by our automated platform X-CELL WB.

The intelligent modular cell for machine tool loading ensures optimum utilization of your CNC machines and facilitates economic and efficient loading of systems and cells thanks to shortened set-up times and reduced amortization periods.

X-CELL WB – machine tool loading with the platform for automation technology

ZEDsystem – quality assurance using a sliding table system

ZEDsystem is our individually configurable sliding table system for integrated leak testing.

It enables testing of components of different sizes as well as integration of additional processes and a quick changeover. Adaptations are modular and changeable.

ZEDsystem can be also integrated into fully automated production lines and used manually. With three series, we can always offer the right solution for your specific needs.

ZEDsystem – sliding table system as a platform for automation technology

Revolving table platform

Our fully automated revolving table systems are suitable for assembly tasks which involve multiple process steps. The parts are transported from station to station along the shortest possible path. Manufacturing systems with revolving tables are characterized by their small footprint, short process times, and an attractive price-performance ratio.

Revolving table platform from Zeltwanger

One-piece flow platform

With one-piece flow lines, one employee is responsible for all tasks within a production section. They accompany the part throughout the production section from start to finish. One-piece flow systems usually have a U shape to shorten the paths between start and end points. The degree of automation in the individual work steps can be freely defined.

The advantage of one-piece flow architecture is its high flexibility in relation to product variations or quantities.

In-line platform

With our in-line systems, multiple automated individual process steps take place within one system. The required modules for feeding, positioning, adjusting, and other processes, such as testing, are all linked. Due to the continuous, automatic provision of parts, the high throughput required in industrial environments can also be achieved profitably.

In-line system platform from Zeltwanger

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