The fully automated solution X-CELL MED from ZELTWANGER gives manufacturers an easy way to mark their products using lasers.

The advantage? Laser marking is precise, permanent, high-contrast, corrosion-resistant, and easy to read.


Your advantages with the X-CELL MED

  • Engraving, annealing, and black marking according to UDI guidelines

  • High autonomy time: Up to four hours

  • No programming knowledge required

  • Intelligent user interface: New component is set up in just a few minutes

  • High product variation and low quantities

  • Intelligent process monitoring for quality assurance

  • Very small footprint of approx. 2.5 m²

  • Standardized system platform

  • ONE BOX solution with integrated control cabinet

  • Drawer system for up to 18 small load carriers (4314)

  • Vision system for reading and verifying DMCs and plain text

  • Extraction with spark suppression and HEPA filter module

At a glance: The X-CELL MED

The laser system

Component markings can be created on various materials and products using pulsed laser systems.

The X-CELL MED laser system

The vision system

Components and product features can be detected by the vision system and component tolerances can be balanced. Verification by reading DMCs and plain text markings guarantees consistently high quality and process reliability. This in turn ensures traceability throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The X-CELL MED vision system

The handling system

The intelligent robot control system standardizes orders, configures them via menu navigation, and processes them via PLC. No programming or robot knowledge is required to handle the 6-axis robot.

The six-arm robot of the X-CELL MED

Component feed

In the standard version, the X-CELL MED is equipped with three drawers for component pick-up. Up to 18 small load carriers (4314) can be placed inside. The autonomy time of the cell is up to four hours. Alternatively, an Anyfeeder can be implemented as a feed system for bulk goods. Traceability is guaranteed across the entire product lifecycle for all feed systems.

The X-CELL MED drawer system

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