Automation, lasers, and leak testing

Technology leader ZELTWANGER is presenting its innovative strength at Control 2019 and the Battery Show Europe 2019


An innovation leader at two trade fairs in one place at the same time: The Tübingen-based company ZELTWANGER is demonstrating its innovative strength at the “Control” and “Battery Show” trade fairs in Stuttgart, Germany.

An overview: Systematic leak testing

From May 7 to 10, 2019, ZELTWANGER will be setting high standards in the field of quality assurance for Industry 4.0 at the international trade fair for quality assurance “Control”. Whether it’s e-mobility, medical technology, mechanical engineering, or general industry – the extremely adaptable ZED device family reflects ZELTWANGER’s deep understanding of the testing tasks required across all sectors. From small measuring units to automated leak testing, ZELTWANGER has the right system for every requirement. The devices are easy to operate, can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes, and can be tailored to meet customer needs thanks to the company’s own software development. All ZED family devices are equipped with an OPC UA interface to make them ready for Industry 4.0 – this is unique on the market.

Successful leak and functional testing requires not only the right device equipment, but also a perfectly coordinated overall system. This is why ZELTWANGER offers comprehensive solutions for analysis, adaptation, automation, service, and knowledge transfer alongside its high-end testing devices – an all-round, carefree package for the industries of the future.

Strong partner for the future: Intelligent solutions for all processes

At the same time as Control, from May 7 to 9, 2019, the Battery Show Europe is also taking place in Stuttgart. At Europe’s leading trade fair for advanced battery production and technology, ZELTWANGER is demonstrating why is it one of the most valuable partners for automotive manufacturers’ e-mobility development departments: The company is a specialist in automated leak testing and assembly and welding automation in battery production.

ZELTWANGER combines its leak testing expertise with the experience and innovative strength of a leading company in the creation of complex automation solutions in the areas of lasers, robotics, and assembly. This combination is unrivaled in the industry – and indispensable in the field of electromobility. In the manufacture of batteries, electric motors, and power and control electronics: E-mobility thrives on a combination of intelligent manufacturing concepts and reliable leak testing. This requires extensive knowledge of processes and applications, which is in ZELTWANGER’s DNA.