Mature, independent, qualified and enthusiastic people with a passion for innovation and developing solutions to the very highest technical standard – these form the basis of our business success.

At ZELTWANGER, we consider personal development one of the key foundation stones of the work we do, by offering the best possible conditions for people to develop their skills. We aim to be more than just an employer. We offer an environment in which people can develop.

We are one of the best training companies in the region. At ZELTWANGER, young people benefit from a solid, varied training program covering a large number of vocation-specific areas of work. We view our trainees not as cheap labor, but as the independent, competent specialist personnel of tomorrow. Our trainees are among the best in their subject. Find out more today!

We are always on the lookout for people who are keen to work together with us to ensure that ZELTWANGER remains the technology and innovation leader in its different fields. To this end, we offer the best possible working conditions and the freedom and independence to break new ground. We support our management team and offer a wide choice of opportunities for further training. At ZELTWANGER, our passion for technology is put into practice day by day. Find out more today!

We take the personal and professional further development of our employees very seriously. We encourage development by offering different fields of experience, scope for qualification, frequently changing tasks and the freedom to arrive at solutions through independent courses of action. We support our employees along their path to professional and personal development. Find out more today!

We are concerned to promote not only the professional but also the individual personal development of each individual member of our staff. This is why we founded the ZELTWANGER Academy. Here, we provide a wide range of training opportunities. Vocational specialist topics are treated at the ZELTWANGER Academy with just the same importance as developing skills and expertise in our employees. As a company which also sees the importance of its role in the wider community, in the ZELTWANGER Academy we also train our customers and suppliers, and organize public events relating to socially relevant topics.