Cost estimation / order processing

There are two fundamental factors, alongside product quality, which are of decisive importance in any project: the price and the delivery deadline. Customers can rely on receiving both these vital pieces of information from ZELTWANGER Maschinenbau within 3-4 days of submitting their inquiry. But for what we would consider a realistic cost estimation to be possible, experienced advice is essential. This is why we review every inquiry with regard to any potential for optimizing production processes and material selection.

ZELTWANGER Maschinenbau enjoys a reputation across every area for its extremely short response times. This applies not only to inquiries and cost estimations, but also to the entire production process. We guarantee a rapid throughput time coupled with continuous quality control. This is made possible by strict monitoring of our schedule control, in which all work steps are precisely scheduled and checked on a daily basis.

We generate transparency. This is made possible by virtual simulation of the entire production process. Thanks to continuous Machine Data Acquisition (MDA) and Production Data Acquisition (PDA), we ensure precise cost monitoring and expediting.

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Cost estimation
Order processing