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Automation is the key factor for success in industrial production. Modern production concepts are continuously posing new challenges for process automation intelligence. Only those who are experts across the entire range of possible automation concepts will be able to find the best solution for a requirement.

From linear production systems with fixed cycle times to island manufacturing with automated guided vehicle systems (AGVS), ZELTWANGER opens the whole world of automation.

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As a technology and innovation leader in the field of automation, Zeltwanger is proficient in more than just a wide range of processes. We are also your competent contact for controlling these processes, networking them, and part feeding.

You determine the required degree of automation and flexibility. And benefit from the expertise of an entire corporate group in the areas of leak testing, functional testing, and laser technology.

We are happy to share our knowledge with our customers. Benefit from our detailed advice, our standardized requirements and process analysis, our rigidly structured approach to system design, and our large number of standardized processes.

We ensure reliability and profitability when creating new production units.

Intelligent system concepts for automation

ZELTWANGER offers intelligent assembly and testing concepts based on standardized processes and architectures. We support our customers with analysis, advice, customer-specific developments, assembly, commissioning, and service.

We primarily use three platforms for automation processes: Leak testing systems, assembly and functional testing systems, and the X-CELL. The latter is a standardized machining cell that is designed for core processes, such as laser welding and marking or handling, and is individually expandable.


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Automation of processes

Alongside a huge number of standardized processes, we are the global leader with regard to automation of laser applications and leak and functional testing.

Our expertise in industrial automation also comprises all other assembly and manufacturing processes. This includes:

  • Palletizing
  • Assembling
  • Joining
  • Bonding
  • Screwing
  • Marking
  • Rolling
  • And more
System for process automation

Standardized automation platforms

ZELTWANGER offers various standardized platforms for product machining, assembly, and testing. We adapt them to meet your individual needs and retrofit them if necessary.

This enables you to achieve optimum machine utilization while keeping your production workflows flexible.

Fuel cell system from ZELTWANGER

Our process architectures comprise:

  • Modular, laser and light-resistant machining cells
  • Modular machining cells for automated machine tool loading
  • Sliding table systems for testing processes
  • One-piece flow systems, revolving tables, and in-line systems for various processes

From planning to maintenance – automation from a single source

ZELTWANGER is your competent and reliable partner throughout the entire automation process. From analysis and advice to commissioning and technical support.

Your success is what drives us.

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