The X-Cell pre-developed modular processing cell

With the new X-CELL robot-based processing cell, workpieces can be quickly and reliably assembled, processed and tested, as well as welded or marked with the laser. For laser marking, the work area is closed laser tight. Due to its modular structure, X-CELL can be used semi- or fully automatically as a flexible standalone cell or integrated into an in-line system. A flexible number of processes can be integrated and individually configured. The space-saving six-axis robot guides workpieces up to 10 kilos precisely to the desired process. Intelligent software ensures additional process reliability and optimal integration into the existing production network.

The X-CELL can be custom configured to the needs of the customer. Even the elements of the rack, such as the position of the operating panel and the feed and removal of workpieces are scalable. Proven standard components ensure short delivery times. Simple pushbutton program settings allow quick conversion when the workpiece is changed. Even flow manufacturing with integrated tool or gripper change function for various types of workpieces is no problem. The different geometries are automatically detected and processed further.

X-CELL is easy to access and saves space. The upper area can be sealed laser tight, and easily removable doors below allow comfortable access for maintenance.

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