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X-CELL MED – fully automated into the future

The complete solution for marking requirements in medical technology.

Fully automated into the future

The safety of the patient is the top priority in the healthcare sector. For this reason, complete documentation for medical devices from the manufacturer to the specialist retailer to the patient is mandatory.

For this reason, UDI (Unique Device Identification) will become a requirement for all manufacturers over the coming years.

For this purpose, technology leader ZELTWANGER is offering a fully automated solution for medical technology.

The X-CELL MED unites the latest laser technology, innovative robotics, and maximum adaptability. The Trumpf TruMicro 2020 can laser-mark all materials used in medical technology. The integrated vision system enables reading and verification of plain text and DMC codes.

The intelligent drawer system allows multiple orders to be created and processed per drawer. This saves time and manpower. The control system, which is specially programmed in-house by ZELTWANGER, makes setting up new orders or components extremely easy since no robots or programming skills are required.