Machine tool loading

Efficient working with X-CELL WB

Being able to load machine tools automatically makes production workflows significantly more efficient and has huge economic advantages for companies.

However, this is only the case if the loading system can be set up and operated with little outlay and without any complex specialist knowledge.

We have developed the X-CELL WB for this very purpose.

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High flexibility with innovative loading concept

Discover how the X-CELL WB can increase your efficiency.


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With the intelligent robot cell X-CELL WB, we have created a concept for automated loading of your CNC machines that is efficient, flexible, simple, and cost-effective.

By taking over simple operations, the cell creates capacity, which allows the machine operator to concentrate on more challenging tasks.

At the same time, your competitiveness will be strengthened in the long term by the falling machine costs/hour. The short amortization period of just a few months makes the X-CELL WB a profitable investment – even for small and medium-sized businesses.

Graphic of interrelationships between investment amount, amortization period, and revenue growth

Simple, flexible, 24/7 – the advantages of the X-CELL WB

The X-CELL WB from ZELTWANGER – automated machine tool loading
  • Robot use without programming knowledge
    Configuring instead of programming: With the X-CELL WB, you can use a robot for machine tool loading without needing any programming knowledge. This is made possible by our innovative control system.

  • Long periods of self-sufficiency
    With up to six configurable drawers, it is possible to achieve long periods of self-sufficiency.

  • Short changeover times
    The changeover times are kept as short as possible thanks to simple handling. Changeover can even be carried out during operation thanks to the intelligent drawer system.

  • Automatic pre-stamping
    Your set-up times can be significantly reduced with the fully automatic stamping station. This eliminates the need for manual pre-stamping.

  • Simple operation
    The order assistant makes setting up new parts effortless and easy.

  • Short amortization period
    The additional capacity significantly reduces the machine costs/hour – ideally, the X-CELL WB will have refinanced itself after a few months.

Discover the capabilities of the X-CELL WB


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What are your machine tool loading requirements? Discover the capabilities of our configurator (in German).

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