Want to work comfortably at a manual welding laser despite having limited space available? With the X-WELD, this is no problem!

Thanks to its ergonomic design, manual laser welding processes can be carried out fatigue-free over an extended period.



The X-WELD is a compact, ergonomic manual welding laser that has been specially designed for long and complex component geometries. The front of the spacious work area is fitted with flaps made from a multi-layer, passive protective material, meaning there is no need for a bulky door opening. Thanks to the compact design, the X-WELD can fit into any space in any setting.

Side view of the X-WELD


  • Laser area separated by design
    Operation of the platform is safe for the environment. The operator is protected against laser radiation. A large laser safety window below the microscope provides a direct view into the work area and protects the user from reflected laser beams.

  • Process flexibility
    Various metals (steel, aluminum, copper, gold, titanium, etc.) can be welded. It is also possible to work both with and without supplementary material.

  • Connection of different laser sources
    Different laser sources can be integrated in order to meet the high demands of the various industries. Laser sources from Trumpf or IPG are used as standard. Tests can be conducted on request to determine the suitability of other laser sources.

  • Additional retrofit options
    Various components (such as a rotary axis, T-grooved plate, or work area monitoring unit) can be retrofitted as required.


Memory capacity of the X-WELD
  • High memory capacity for machining parameters
    Up to 400 programs can be recorded in the memory and called up at any time, ensuring a high level of process reliability.

The X-WELD is height-adjustable
  • Ergonomic, height-adjustable work area
    The height of the work area can be adjusted by 150 mm, ensuring that the operator can work comfortably for hours at a time.

The X-WELD’s ergonomic armrests
  • Ergonomic armrests
    Cushioned, height-adjustable armrests enable fatigue-free work.

View of the linear axis
  • Use of additional devices (linear axis, rotary axis)
    The devices ensure consistently high-quality machining of cylindrical and oblong parts.

External extraction system
  • External extraction system
    The supplied extraction system is ideal for removing laser smoke.

Recesses on the X-WELD
  • Recesses on the sides and base
    The recesses enable even bulky parts to be machined in the platform’s work area with ease.

Control elements in the work area
  • Control elements in the work area
    The laser parameters can be adjusted within the work area using joysticks. As a result, the entire work process can be carried out inside the work area without interruption.

Different laser sources can be integrated
  • Option to integrate different laser sources
    The modular design allows a wide range of laser sources to be integrated into the X-WELD, meaning there is no need for a repeat validation process.

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Overall dimensions 800 x 1,200 x 1,500 mm
Work area dimensions 800 x 500 x 300 mm
Laser source Trumpf TruPulse, IPG, others possible on request
Max. pulse peak power 10 kW
Max. pulse energy 100 J
Control elements 10″ HMI control panel, incl. panel PC administration of laser parameters
Further features

Interface to external extraction system, central media supply, foot switch, application training in in-house laser lab

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