Laser marking with the X-CELL

Simple, flexible, compliant

UDI codes, information indicators, plain text labels – the markings on products and components need to be 100 % reliable. The X-CELL uses various laser marking methods to make markings that are not only precise, permanent, and clear, but also high-contrast and corrosion-resistant.

With our X-CELL, we unite the latest laser technology, innovative robotics, and maximum adaptability. Automated laser marking is characterized by precision and the use of high-quality components.

Laser marking using the all-round solution X-CELL MED

With the X-CELL MED, you get a machining cell that is specially designed for laser marking. Various configurations and technical details make it an easy-to-use system that meets marking requirements without any increased personnel costs.

The X-CELL MED from ZELTWANGER for automated laser marking

Marking process with the X-CELL MED

We use the following marking processes:

Engraving icon


The material is vaporized using lasers to create an indentation.

Annealing icon


Laser markings are created by oxide formation on the surface.

Foaming icon


The material is melted locally and small gas bubbles are created.

Black marking icon

Black marking

Permanently stable nanostructures are created by ultra-short pulse lasers.

Common materials which can be marked include metals, plastics, and ceramics. We test marking of special materials or material pairs in our application lab.

UDI – laser marking in medical technology

UDI marking requirements are on the horizon. Starting from May 2021, manufacturers will be required to mark medical products in risk classes 1, 2, and 3 with a UDI-compliant code. This is intended to ensure complete international transparency across the entire patient care chain.

With the fully automated complete solution X-CELL MED, we are offering manufacturers of medical technology a tool to help them mark their devices and packaging easily and on small surfaces.

UDI marking on stainless steel
Artificial hip joint implant with UDI marking

Requirements for UDI marking

UDI (Unique Device Identification) codes enable global identification of medical devices. They are the key to information that is stored in the UDI database.

The marking requirements for UDI can be met by the X-CELL MED:

  • Clarity
  • Durability
  • Machine readability
  • In accordance with standards from HIBC, GS1, and ISBT

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