Process automation

Success requires standards

Assembly, joining, handling, testing – how process automation is integrated into the production workflow is key to its quality. ZELTWANGER standardizes such processes and therefore ensures seamless workflows, reliability, and planning certainty right from the start.

In addition to automating standard processes, our expertise primarily lies in the areas of laser welding, laser marking, and leak testing.

Our intelligent assembly and testing concepts are based on standardized architectures. These cover our entire range of services: Analysis, advice, customer-specific developments, commissioning, and customer service.

Automated leak and functional testing

Checking the cooling circuit of a car battery, ensuring switches are watertight, or testing medical devices for leaks – leak testing is an essential part of quality assurance in many industries and is therefore key to the success of a company.

With experience and expertise by your side

At ZELTWANGER, we have been researching, developing, and training the area of leak and functional testing for many years. This has resulted in highly specialized and tried-and-tested systems and a comprehensive range of devices. This enables us to provide testing procedures using air and helium.

However, tests with very different functions can also be integrated using process automation. This includes:

  • General testing of functions with functional testing
  • Precise measuring of torques with torque measurements
  • Flow measuring of liquids with flow measurements
  • Electrical tests
  • Ensuring insulation resistance with high-voltage testing
  • Resistance measuring
  • Checking availability with presence monitoring
  • Stroke measuring
  • Monitoring distances with distance measuring
  • Identifying acting forces with force measuring
  • Detecting positions with path measuring
  • Force path measuring

Automated laser processes

We take responsibility for your processes. We develop the right systems for your laser applications based on our laser and light-resistant platforms X-CELL and X-CELL MED.

We validate the processes in our laser application lab together with our partners, from initial trials to series-ready, automated solutions.

Integrated monitoring also plays an important role in this – before, during, and after welding. This reduces the number of rejects in production and increases the system output.

Standardized processes

Automation of standardized processes encompasses a wide spectrum for us. We work together with you to analyze the order in which processes should be integrated and which automation technology platforms are most suitable. Questions about requirements for flexibility in the production process and staff resources are particularly important.

The standardized processes include:

  • Assembly (screwing, joining, pressing)
  • Handling (loading/unloading, palletizing, feeding, aligning, separating, moving, stacking/unstacking)
  • Dosing (greasing, oiling, gluing)
  • Marking (scoring, dot marking, color marking, inkjet, labeling)
  • Forming (embossing, crimping, caulking, rolling)
  • Separating/cutting

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