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ZELTWANGER Automation offers automation solutions for a wide range of processes and with varying degrees of automation. Enthusiastic employees and our extremely high customer focus are key to our success – and what make ZELTWANGER the technology and innovation leader in the sector.

ZELTWANGER Automation is the specialist in high-precision, intelligent, and reliable assembly and testing systems. Our spectrum of services ranges from process analysis and advice through to engineering, assembly, software development, commissioning, and system servicing.

Throughout the entire process, we see ourselves as a partner to our customers and use our experience and expertise to develop the best possible tailored solutions.

Our range of services:
Guidance on and implementation of holistic high-end automation

We see ourselves as more than a supplier of state-of-the-art assembly and testing systems. Our work starts with understanding our customers’ needs, analyzing the process requirements, and creating an optimized, customized automation concept based on our standardized platforms and processes. We constantly strive towards making solutions that are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

A reliable partner by your side

We assemble an individual customer team who are excellently equipped to meet your needs to accompany you throughout the entire process to ensure optimum support.

However, our support does not end with seamless integration of your system into your day-to-day operations. Even after commissioning, our competent support team ensures the maintenance and modernization of your systems for years to come.

Your advantages with us as your automation partner

  • Time and cost savings thanks to modular standardized systems

  • Expert synergies thanks to collaboration between ZELTWANGER Automation and ZELTWANGER Dichtheitsprüfung

  • Integration into all production environments thanks to intelligent software development and OPC UA interfaces

  • igh process reliability thanks to innovative software solutions

Our key area of expertise: Process automation

We rely on both our expertise and our experience to efficiently automate processes in different production environments. We have standard processes for this as well as tried-and-tested solutions for complex procedures.

We outline our areas of expertise in the field of process automation:

Laser marking

Laser marking

Laser welding

Laser welding

Screen with test data

Leak testing

Functional testing

Functional testing

Assembly automation

Assembly automation

Our systems: Automation platforms

Optimum production capacity with maximum flexibility – this is our aim for our customers.

To achieve this, we produce customer-specific solution based on standardized modular platforms. We cover this range of systems:

  • X-CELL stand-alone solution
  • In-line systems and revolving systems
  • ZEDsystem sliding table system
ZEDsystem from ZELTWANGER Automation

Areas of expertise at ZELTWANGER Automation

We are known for our innovative solution concepts in the areas of leak testing and laser technology.

ZELTWANGER Automation is your comprehensive system specialist when it comes to laser applications. We support you with the development of your laser processes, which we validate in our laser application lab along with the final automated solution.

We also develop the individual leak testing applications. For this we rely on the experience of our leak testing business division, which develops highly specialized devices for quality assurance.

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